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Terry T. - HeartPlace Reviews

Had my first appointment with Dr. Oyenuga yesterday and I could have not been more pleased. His bedside manner is only exceeded by his knowledge and ability to explain what he thinks. It has been a touch time finding these two gentlemen but now that I have found them - I am KEEPING them. One thing: I would appreciate if someone could send me a phonetic spelling of Dr. Oyenuga's name. He deserves to have his name pronounced property and I want to take the time to learn. Again, send along my thanks to Dr. Oyenuga - he is a keeper - along with Dr. Boehrer. PS: I am 73 but with Boehrer and Oyenuga taking care of my heart I think I will plan on going to at least 100 - why not? Thanks for "being there". "
Kyle E. - Yelp
"I have had three appointments at HeartPlace in three years. The staff is always very friendly and responsive. When I first met the cardiologist, among his first words were, "How can I help you?" Subsequent visits have been wonderful. I have to go on the treadmill and the cardiologist is always right there chatting with me and doesn't leave it to a technician. The best cardiology practice I've ever experienced."
Anthony C. - Healthgrades

"I had a nuclear stress test yesterday and the 2 ladies that took care of me were super !!!! When they put the dye in me I just about blacked out, they went right into professional mode and bought me right back to connessiounes they were like my angels and I thank them from the bottom of my heart !!! Unfortunatly as soon as I got into my truck I got violently sick,personally because of the medicine.. But overall I cannot thank these 2 ladies enough they are professional and true God"s angels !!! Thank you all."

Dr Rashdan is a very caring, educated and stays current on heart care. I recommend him highly!! What I can't recommend is their billing process. I had a followup visit with an EKG. Medicare paid and a balance of $10 and change remained. This morning in a period of 8 hours I received 3 text messages to pay this balance. As a former Hospital Finance Director, I find this aggressive collection effort bordering on harassment. Text messages for collection efforts should be staggered over a reasonable time frame. I doubt the practice will fold without my $10. I am sure I am not the only patient is experiencing this process. Fix it!!!


Dr. Graceffo is an excellent cardiologist with plenty of bedside manner. The most caring doctor I have ever had.

Douglas F.

I have been under the care of Dr. Overbeck for almost two decades. He is a highly dedicated professional who carefully analyzes all relevant information regarding your condition. He has a compassionate and gentle demeanor, which contributes to a pleasant experience during a medical appointment. The staff is always helpful, friendly, and polite. I would highly recommend Dr. Overbeck for all your cardiovascular health needs.

Estella J.

Great facility and great doctor. My husband and I recommend this physician.

Judy D.

Easy scheduling, friendly & efficent staff and most of all, Dr. South is amazing! Kind, caring, knowledgeable! As a new patient, I am so very thankful to have found a doctor who I feel will have my best interest and take care of my medical needs. Plus Dr South has two locations, one in Mansfield and the other in Arlington. I couldn't be more pleased and there aren't enough stars to express my great experience.

Sonja Y.

THIS GUY IS A QUACK! He was suppose to put a stent into one of my artieries in my heart. Oh he put in the Stent but he managed to put in the Stent in below the blockage insteade in the blockage. Had massive chest pains on the table right after and he gave me enough Morphine to almost kill me. Too bad we can't sue in the state of Texas otherwise, I would have gotten an attorney. Be Careful!

Kathie B.

Dr Reynolds is the most caring compassionate knowledgeable doctor. He takes time to know the patient and discuss all areas in easy to understand terms. My mom passed away & he was so compassionate. My dad was still a patient & he has been amazing with him. I would highly recommend.

Charlotte S.

Dr Shah is wonderful. He was caring and patient during my visit. He also explained my situation so I understood and offered an alternative solution. Great doctor. Also, his staff was very friendly and professional.

Billy O.

Thank you very much for making my wife Jana Wier go to the hospital before she wanted to. You probably saved her life. Some people just are afraid and you have to be persistent like you were. I can’t thank you enough.

Don W.