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Dr. Chhabra being interviewed on a news program
January 4, 2023
Dr. Chhabra Explains What May Have Caused Damar Hamlin's Collapse
What happened to Damar Hamlin shocked NFL players. But it's not unheard of in sports, especially baseball. Good Day talked to Dr. Sumeet Chhabra, a cardiologist with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Plano. He explained what likely caused Hamlin's cardiac arrest.
headshot of interventional cardiologist Vijay Ramanath, M.D.
December 12, 2022
It is not every day that survivors of cardiac arrest get to meet and thank the people that saved their life
One of the most rewarding things we experience at Texas Health Plan is when patients are reunited with first responders and hospital caregivers after a serious medical event. After a horrifying incident of his heart stopping, he was rushed to the hospital where, a cardiac catheterization and echo were performed by interventional cardiologist Vijay Ramanath, M.D. He diagnosed a genetic heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
portrait of married couple Dr. Shelley Hall and Dr. Rick Snyder
October 11, 2022
Meet Dallas’ Heart Health Power Couple
How married couple Dr. Shelley Hall and Dr. Rick Snyder became two of the region’s most powerful cardiologists.
football fans excitedly watching the game
September 20, 2022
Dr. Sadi Raza – Talks About Being a Healthy Football Fan - Dallas Business Journal
A cardiologist’s tips for being a heart-healthy football fan this fall.
soccer game
June 14, 2021
Dr. Sadi Raza Talks About Christian Eriksen's Recent Cardiac Event
Heart Doctor Delivered Incredibly Revealing Twitter Thread During Christian Eriksen’s Collapse
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