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Rick Snyder, M.D., F.A.C.C.

Chairman of the HeartPlace Political Action Committee

In order to be true advocates for our patients, HeartPlace is actively involved in health care political advocacy. This involvement in the political side of medicine was born from the realization, that we as physicians will have almost as much impact on the care we provide our patients in the legislative chambers as in the examination room. Health care today is a highly charged politicized industry. We already have more medicines and therapies than our health care system can afford. Everyone is well aware about the ever increasing costs and regulated nature of health care. Big government is interjecting itself more and more into health care decisions that were once solely made between the physician and the patient.

The reality is that the decisions concerning the access to health care, the tests and therapies we provide, will be every bit political in nature as they are scientific and evidence based. We as physicians feel a need to be involved in this political process have a seat at the table if you will. By doing so we ensure that the old adage, "the physician as a true patient advocate" is not merely words, but a vital role we play in helping to preserve our patients access to the highest quality of care possible.

In order to meet this challenge, HeartPlace physicians are actively involved in the political process at both the state and national levels. HeartPlace formed several years ago two political action committees, HeartPlace PAC and HeartPlace Federal PAC, one each at the state and federal level. These committees help support legislative candidates who are dedicated to preserving access to care of the highest quality for our patients. The current members are Drs. Rick Snyder, John BretStuart LanderMark PetermanRajjit Abrol, and Eugene Henderson. HeartPlace, through these committees, regularly participates in legislative activities not only around the D-FW Metroplex, but also in Austin and Washington D.C. Dr. Rick Snyder serves on the Board of Directors for the Political Action Committee of the American College of Cardiology, ACCPAC, located in Washington D.C., as well as chairs the Legislative Committee for the Texas Chapter of the ACC. He is also a member of the Council of Legislation for the Texas Medical Association in Austin. The HeartPlace Legislative Committee works with our elected officials to inform and educate them concerning the health care delivery environment and the impact certain legislative actions will have on our patients. If you should have any questions concerning HeartPlace's involvement in healthcare political advocacy or how you may get involved, ask your HeartPlace physician or visit the Contact Us section of our web site.