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Heart Failure

About Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure occurs because your heart isn’t strong enough to pump blood through your body with the necessary volume. If you have heart failure, the highly skilled cardiologists at HeartPlace, with 30 locations across North Texas, can help. They provide expert heart failure management to keep your heart working better for longer. To benefit from the team’s experience in treating congestive heart failure, call the HeartPlace office nearest you or schedule an appointment online today.

Heart Failure Q & A

What is heart failure?

Your heart’s primary function is to pump blood to all parts of your body. Congestive heart failure means your heart is unable to pump enough blood to fulfill your body’s needs.

Coronary artery disease (CAD), a narrowing or blockage in the arteries supplying blood and oxygen to your heart, is the leading cause of heart failure.

What does heart failure management involve?

Initially, congestive heart failure is manageable with medications and lifestyle changes. However, advanced cases may require surgery or other interventions. Some cutting-edge procedures the team at HeartPlace can perform as part of your heart failure management program include:


CardioMEMS is a monitoring system implanted in your pulmonary artery – the blood vessel that conveys blood from your heart to your lungs. A rise in pulmonary artery pressure is an indication that your heart is starting to fail, which the CardioMEMS sensor detects.

Your provider monitors the electronic transmissions sent by the CardioMEMS device, enabling them to take steps to prevent heart failure.

Left ventricle assist device (LVAD)

LVAD is a mechanical unit your provider implants into your heart to help it pump blood more effectively. VADs can go in the right, left, or both ventricles of your heart. An LVAD just supports the left side of your heart.

Percutaneous LVAD

The HeartPlace team uses Impella®, a tiny VAD that provides short-term ventricular assistance. Your provider inserts Impella via a catheter in a leg artery.

If your condition is severe enough to need a new heart, you must undergo a transplant evaluation process to ensure it’s the right option. Your provider at HeartPlace might need to implant a VAD while you’re waiting for a heart transplant, or it could be a longer-term solution if a transplant isn’t possible.

How does a CHF clinic help with heart failure management?

Congestive heart failure requires a multidisciplinary management approach. Dedicated CHF clinics provide this type of health care for patients, helping to reduce readmissions and improve your quality of life when you’re living with congestive heart failure.

The CHF clinic’s heart failure management program involves a team of specialists, including:

  • Cardiologists
  • Clinical nurse coordinators
  • Dieticians
  • Pharmacy specialists
  • Cardiac rehabilitation team members
  • Social workers

HeartPlace’s dedicated CHF clinic offers comprehensive education to patients and their caregivers to help them identify common symptoms, make modifications to their diet and lifestyle, and manage their medication.

If you have CHF, you could lead a healthier, happier life with heart failure management at HeartPlace. Call the office nearest you or book an appointment online today.