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Technological Advances Changing Treatment of PAD, CLI

There is renewed interest from industry, payers and all specialists in advancing the care of patients with peripheral artery disease and critical limb ischemia. The current nd future of endovascular therapies for PAD are rapidly advancing and multidisciplinary collaboration is key for the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of CLI.

Advances in Stroke Treatment, Prevention Continue

There have been tremendous advances in the catheter-based treatment of stroke, in particular the use of stent retrievers and, more recently, even embolectomy catheters, which have greatly improved functional outcomes in patients presenting with acute ischemic stroke.

FDA issues advisory on appropriate catheters for neurovascular thrombus removal

According to the document, neurovascular thrombus retrieval catheters (product code NRY) are cleared specifically for restoring blood flow or removing thrombus within 8 hours of acute ischemic stroke onset in patients who cannot receive or failed IV tissue plasminogen activator, whereas neurovascular guide catheters (product code DQY) are not cleared.

Study suggests new drug alongside statins can significantly cut cholesterol

In a trial of more than 27,000 patients, researchers found that taking monthly or twice-monthly injections of the medication, called evolocumab, on top of statins could cut cholesterol levels by almost 60 per cent on average in patients with an underlying risk of cardiovascular disease.
Source: Medical Xpress

Robotic-assisted platform feasible in peripheral artery disease

A robotic-assisted platform is safe and feasible for peripheral vascular intervention in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD), according to a study published online Sept. 14 in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions.

Source: Medical Xpress

What are the Symptoms of a Blood Clot?

Blood clots are the body's first aid against bleeding. They protect the flow of blood by plugging any leaks that form.

Source: Medical Xpress

Binge eating disorder linked to other health conditions

Binge-eating disorder (BED) was linked with a broad range of other illnesses in a recent study, with the strongest associations related to the endocrine and circulatory systems.

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New targeted drug effectively dissolves blood clots, has fewer side effects

Critical conditions associated with the blockage of blood vessels are one of the primary health concerns worldwide. The main objective of emergency assistance in such conditions is to effectively implement thrombolysis, i.e. to quickly dissolve the clot. To this end, scientists from ITMO University in cooperation with Mariinsky Hospital in Saint Petersburg have developed a magnetically controlled drug that can be condensed on a blood clot by means of a magnetic field. The new drug is safe for intravenous injection and can dissolve clots up to 4000 times more efficiently than ordinary enzyme-based drugs.

Heavy calcification linked to poor outcomes after endovascular treatment for SFA disease

Heavy calcification was associated with adverse clinical outcomes such as poor patency and major adverse limb events after endovascular therapy for de novo superficial femoral artery lesions, researchers reported.

Medtronic gains FDA approval for longer DCB to treat patients with SFA disease

Medtronic announced that the FDA has approved a longer length of its drug-coated balloon for treatment of superficial femoral artery disease.
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